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Borem Fire Protection

Borem Fire Protection

Fire Extinguisher Sales/Service

About Us

We get it...
We understand. Owning/operating a business is not all milk and honey. You have a lot to deal with. A LOT. And fire safety/code compliance is just one of those many things. We understand how far it is down the list in your mind. You'd love for it to just be done, done right, at a fair price; so you can get on with other things.
We really, really understand that.
We also understand that some other fire protection companies seem to disregard how much their invoices hurt your business. That's harsh. How much of your product do you have to sell to pay those ''other guys''?
Borem Fire Protection has no sales quotas on our team. Ask the ''other guys'' if they do. Sales quotas can often lead to treating customers poorly- we've seen it a lot and you have too.
We understand why you're here at this web site. Click CONTACT tab above to reach us. Let's have lunch and talk business. We'll buy.



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Rep/Contact Info

Mr. Joshua Borem
President/CEO and owner
Mrs. Whittney Borem
Vice President

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