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Pace Center for Girls, Inc.


Schools - Alternative/Technical/Vocational

About Us

PACE Center for Girls, Inc. is a nonprofit, year-round school for middle and high school girls, who have a minimum of three risk factors. Risk factors can consist of a variety of traumas and issues to include human trafficking, mental health, any type of abuse, poverty, foster care, DCF custody, homelessness, truancy, -etc. At PACE Polk, we have 54 girls who attend our school and about 20 girls on our waiting list. We are a gender-responsive, strength based, trauma informed program. The girls must meet the same requirements as the Polk County School Board. Class sizes never exceed 14 girls. Each girl has an individualized academic plan as well as a social services care plan. Not only do the girls receive a top-notch education, but they also receive counseling services. PACE has also created a course called Spirited Girls, which helps boost the girl’s self-esteem and helps them to learn the skills necessary to build confidence and to succeed in all areas of their lives. Girls meet at least bi-weekly with their counselor and academic advisor, or more frequently if needed. After twelve to eighteen months of enrollment, the girls will transition back to their zoned schools. Once a student successfully completes the PACE program, we provide transitional support for a year. This is a unique component PACE offers, and currently we are serving 150 girls who have transitioned from our program.

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