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Truly Nolen Termite Warranty Protection Plan

Offer Valid: 05/01/2021 - 05/01/2023
Adding Value to the Lives We Touch !!!
This is designed for new homeowners with homes under 10 years old or less; that  the termite warranty has cancel.  We do a home inspection and determine if it qualifies for this warranty. If so we will warranty the house for all types of  subterranean termites only. If in the case the house gets subterranean termites;  we will retreat the home at no additional charge. You can keep this warranty as long as you live there or cancel at any time. This warranty is designed for peace of mind.

Text or Call 863-430-5090

James Brownlee

State Certified Termite And Pest Control

This Local Deal is promoted by Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.

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